Brett and Melissa got married at Windmill Beach this Saturday.

The ceremony was held on the beach with the reception taking place at the beautiful Boulder’s Beach restaurant and lodge.

We took the formal pictures on the boardwalk that links Boulders with Seaforth and also at an unfinished Building site close by.

Below are a few formal wedding photos I like as well as some general wedding photography of this Cape Town wedding.
Should you be planning a beach wedding, here are a few important things to remember.

Have a back-up venue as Cape Town weather is unpredictable.

Have the wedding either in the early morning or late afternoon, midday sun is unflattering and remember your photographer is good, but not a miracle worker.

When standing at the front under the gazebo or whatever keep in mind which way the wind is blowing as standing with your back to the wind and your hair in your face won’t make for the best photos.

Keep in mind the time of the tides as the last thing you want to do is book your wedding for the time it is full moon high tide and there is no beach left.

That being said, remember why you are having a Cape Town beach wedding in the first place, because one it is way more pretty than having it in a stuffy church but also because it is more relaxed so go with it, go with the flow, take off your shoes, don’t make it a semi-formal affair, rather just relax and enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

Need a photographer or even a wedding minister for your beach wedding then contact me for the best relaxed wedding photos in Cape Town.

And remember, real couples do it on the beach 😉

081 411 5496

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