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Cape Town Wedding Photography

Two weeks ago I photographed the wedding of Dominique to Robert 30kms from Cape Town at the Cape Farmhouse restaurant en route to Cape Point – where two oceans supposedly meet.

The ceremony took place at the Catholic church in Simonstown and it was one of those weddings where the priest does not want the local Cape Town photographer taking pictures during the ceremony. It is understandable that some people would not want a photographer taking pictures during the ceremony as some photographers can get pushy and firing the flash every two seconds a little mind warping not mentioning that one priest told me that a photographer once asked him to stop mid way through the ceremony to “hold that pose” haha. Anyway, the bride and groom were cool with this so though I may not have been able to snap some ceremony photos I still did from the safety of the back of the church with my Canon 100mm 2.8 prime lens.

The reception took place over the mountain in Red Hill at the Cape Farmouse restaurant fast becoming famous for their Saturday music concerts featuring local artists.
We took some formal photos at the Red Rock Tribal building and also around the Farmhouse under the shade of the Oak trees.

Below are two pictures of the bridal couple.

Are you getting married in Cape Town?

Contact me for a professional wedding photographer’s quote. I can tailor make packages to suit your budget with inexpensive packages which include only the disc and a few hours of wedding photography to a package that covers everything and includes a leather photo album, prints, enlargements and a disc with all the wedding pictures for you to copy and distribute via your social media channels.

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Hail, wedded love, mysterious law; true source of human happiness. – Milton

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