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Cape Town On-site photography printing

I recently did an on-site photography job for Michael from Pixelpainter.

Michael’s client, M-NET, wanted to market its new soap, The Wild, which shows Monday to Thursday at 18:00pm.

What made this mall-activation job interesting was the chosen location for the shoot which was Canal Walk in Cape Town and the fact that M-NET had stars from The Wild TV show present.

The actors did their job well, interacting with the crowd, posing for photos against the green backdrop, and even signing autographs.

You may find yourself asking how exactly did this technology work and can I make use of it for my corporate event or perhaps even to market my company’s brand?

It’s simple, members of the public are asked to stand in front of a green screen, they are then photographed and using different computer programmes, superimposed onto a pre-designed background image featuring actors from the show as well as the company’s logo and scheduled broadcast times.

The photos were then printed out on-site in a matter of minutes for the person who was photographed. From the amount of photos we captured and printed, this was obviously a great marketing idea.

I was fortunate to have a good team working with me and managed to get a nice flow from photograph to printing.

Does your company need a photographer in Cape Town to do on-site photography printing? Perhaps even to create your own personal background image featuring your logo etc.

I offer an excellent design service and a competitive price structure for this type of photography work.

Contact me to discuss what you want done.


081 411 5496

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