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Wedding of Chris & Hannah

Saturday turned out to be an excellent day to get married in Cape Town on the beach. Despite being a winter’s day the weather was beautiful. I got a seriously last minute call from a couple whose photographer had let them down. So with my gear packed I headed off to the Black Marlin restaurant just past Simonstown on the way to Cape Point to photograph the wedding of Chris to Hannah. The ceremony took place on the little private beach just in front of the restaurant and I can highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for a beach wedding venue as it is awesome. The only thing which could have been made better was the timing of the ceremony as this was scheduled to begin at 4pm but only got started at 4:30pm and the light quality was definitely at its best for this particular venue at about 15:30. If the ceremony had started about this time then I could have taken advantage of that beautiful soft and warm winter’s light I am always raving about. Nonetheless the ceremony went off nicely and afterwards the bridal couple and myself spent about 20 minutes on the beach taking advantage of what natural light there was left to snap some formal wedding photos.
It also turned out that their pageboy goes to the same school as my son. Small world indeed and goes to show that it’s best not to solely rely on search engine marketing for my photography skills but that I should also apply my direct marketing skill until this site is allowed out of the proverbial cyber trenches.
I used my Canon 50mm f2.5 close-up macro for the formal shoots with my speedlight for a bit of fill flash.
Should you be getting married in the Cape Town area or Cape Overberg areas and require a wedding photographer with a creative approach and a well priced wedding package then please get in touch with me.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Ralph 081 411 5496

  1. Leah Knott
    June 3, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Hi Ralph, I was the maid of honour at this wedding, Hannah is my sister, and I had to compliment you as you were honestly one of the best photographers I have had the pleasure of witnessing in a while. In JHB we cant find anyone under R2500 and that is only for 1 hour at your wedding, you are looking at R7000 for 3-4 hours and I have had many friends who were extremely disappointed in the quality of the photos afterwards. You took all the photos one could think of without any direction and everyone at the wedding was suitably impressed, and with due cause looking at these shots you have put on your blog. Of all the things in a wedding I think one of the most important is the photography as it keeps the memory alive and you were fantastic!

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