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Restaurant Menu Photography

One must eat to live, not live to eat. – Moliere

Food Photographer available for restaurant food menus, advertising, food package/product pack shots and general food photography related needs.

I am based in Cape Town but can see to your food photo requirements anywhere in the Western Cape. I’m particularly fond of shooting in the Cape Overberg region and even as far as the Garden Route as I spend a lot of time up this way.

Photographing food has always interested me as getting the light correct is usually tricky and takes a lot of patience and I also really enjoy working with natural light, manipulating it and together with a bit of fill flash to get that dish looking delicious.

I got a call from a guy from a restaurant which will go nameless as he is in the process of switching over from a well-known fast food brand over to his own style of restaurant. I have to give it to him that this is a bold move but he seems really passionate about his food and what his restaurant can potentially offer in the way of better value for money and even a better taste to suit all palates. He said the franchise was not offering him any support and that prices were being increased on a regular basis never mind the marking and advertising revenue he had to contribute monthly to all those stupid food adverts you see on TV.

Time will tell if his fast food dream will live on or be buried like this food photography blog post. I for one hope he succeeds as I would prefer to see more independently operated food restaurants than just chain after chain of the same cardboard tasting nothingness.

Ralph 081 411 5496

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food. – W C Fields.

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