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Cellphone Photography

Was going to go for a surf at the wedge in Fish Hoek corner. That was before I saw my neighbour who told me about the Carte Blanche report on TV last night. Seems there are high levels of E.Coli at both Hout Bay beaches and Fish Hoek with Hout Bay showing stats of 9billion counts per 100ml with the acceptable levels being 1500 per 100ml – scary stuff. Don’t know if any of you remember but there used to be a sign up at Fish Hoek beach about three years ago which read ‘Polluted water – swim at own risk!’ I snapped a pic of this sign must go through the archives and find it. Anyway, it was a beautful day in Cape Town today. Went for a walk on the boardwalk to show the kids the newly hatched penguin chicks and take some nature type photos. Walk on Seaforth beach finishing off witth lunch at Dixies in Glencairn. A surf would have finished off the day nicely. I mean this literally, shit! Not only can you not drink the water it now seems you cannot swim in the sea as well. There is a post over at my posterous mobilephone photography site about 1 in 4 Cape beaches unsafe to swim at. Writing this with a sore stomach does not make me feel better either. Just another municipal service breaking down. Pity that one day I may very well sound like an old man when I tell my kids ‘When I was young we used to swim in the sea…’ Pathetic I know. Anyway, here’s a landscape photo I snapped with my Nokia N97 camera phone to show exactly how this afternoon looks. Sent in via wordpress email post function. No photoshop. Real photography in real time. Ciao Ralph

  1. Simon Painter
    May 17, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    beautiful picture..

    • May 17, 2010 at 4:07 pm

      Thanks Simon, I also offer one on one training for digital photography enthusiasts as well as mobilephone photography junkies. 😉

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