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South African Food Photography

I photographed some food dishes for the Harbour House in Kalk Bay for their June Winter menu as well as a special they are going to be running downstairs at another one of their restaurant’s, Polana.

The food was photographed as it would be served to a customer with nothing fake added to make the dish look more appealing as food photography tricks are just deceiving and surely there is nothing worse than going to eat something you have seen a picture of only to find it looks nothing like you remember ie KFC, Steers, Spur etc. The food tasted awesome and one of my favourites to eat was the soup which has a very fancy long name which I cannot remember but some words I do include truffle oil and yellow tail reduction, ‘nuf said as with the warm ciabatta bread I could not gulp it down fast enough lol.

The sauce on the ribs was also fantastic and if you’ve never been to Polana then I suggest you call them up and find out when this special is running as it is delicious and well priced and the location must surely be one of the best in Cape Town.

I love sushi, it’s just a well balanced meal that always makes my stomach feel happy and content afterwards, and photographing sushi is just as good as eating it, providing it fresh and well presented of course.

Food Photography is definitely an art and whilst I’m still a novice I think I am going to start spending a lot more time photographing tasty dishes all over Cape Town as food combines all the senses, touch, taste, smell, sight etc. and this has to be one of my favourite areas of photography.

Should you need a photographer in Cape Town for some food pictures contact me as my prices are competitive and I’m professional in my approach.

Ralph 081 411 5496

Proverb – “Food offered without affection is like food offered to the dead.”

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