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Welcome to my Cape Town Fashion Photography blog.

I did a photoshoot for a hair seminat at Goldwell last week to show the guests how one can do a hair photoshoot on a budget.

The hairstylist were really keen to learn how to build a relationship with a photographer in order to get great photographs of hairstyles they had done to add to their hair portfolios to show clients and enter hairstyle competitions.

I used two strobes positioned off camera to the left and right of the model, one being the key light directed straight at the model’s face to highlight the hair and the second to give some backlighting and light up the background.

Usually if this was a professional fashion shoot I would have used a beauty dish as the key light and a normal flash head behind the model to light the background and another to give some backlighting, still the aim of this photo workshop was to show that even if you cannot afford the above photographic equipment it would still be possible to get a great effect onm a limited budget.

I’m a available for fashion photography in and around Cape Town as well as model test shoots and fashion portfolios.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Ralph 081 411 5496

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