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Cape Town Food Photographer – Confectionery Sweets Cakes Photos

Welcome to my blog.

Should you require a photographer in the Western Cape area please feel free to drop me a mail or call me up on my mobile.

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Ralph Higgo 081 411 5496

I photographed some cakes and sweets for Daniela Dotan on Saturday morning. Daniela does Event Catering, Personal Chef Placements as well as offering Cookery Lessons. She is an awesome contact to have and I’m not just saying that because she left behind 80% of the sweets for me to taste but her work is amazing and I am really looking forward to our next shoot and seeing what masterpieces she will create. To sum up, my wife said it best, “I’m in chocolate-mousse heaven!”

The shoot went well despite the light being a little low as the rain was really coming down and the natural light I wanted to use to help lift the photographs was in short supply. No worries though, used my flash and bounced it off my high white ceiling to add a little more light to the overall shot.





Below is the scene on Saturday morning as the cold front was making its way towards the Cape Peninsula


And a little later on


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