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Fish Hoek Shark Attack Victim Tyna Webb

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Thx Ralph

Tomorrow I have to go out of town into the country to continue with a house I am busy renovating and since I will not have time to post this tomorrow I thought I had better do it now.

Tyna Webb (lady in the picture) was taken by a Great White shark on the 15th Of November 2004.

It was by complete accident I photographed this picture of her whilst trying to do a nice landscape picture of Jagger’s Walk also known as the Catwalk in Fish Hoek.

It was only after the said incident that someone brought to my attention that every day after her morning swim far out to sea Tyna could be seen walking along the Catwalk back home carrying her bathing cap and wearing her white robe. It is in memory of her I post this picture.


Proverb – “Live not for time, but eternity.”

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